Agency Arguenon is an excellent family business who it has been a pleasure for me to deal with. From Rozenn helping me buy my property in 2003 to selling it this year their support has been fantastic. Leon, Cassidy and Megan were always there with help and advice and then I was fortunate enough to meet Gillian.
Throughout all the us and downs of negotiating the sale and encouraging me when potential sales fell through, I would have given up had it not been for her.
Even on my final packing up day she turned up with her husband to help me pack up 15 years of my French life on a wet and miserable January day.
Thank you to everyone at Arguenon and in particular, thank you to Gillian.

BOBBY BARNES Dr. Sc. (honoris causa)

I think it will be repeated by your colleague that we have met yesterday, our notary found, appreciated and notified to all, the quality of your work as regards to the sales agreement and contract. It had to be said and it is always good to have such feedback! and for our part: THANK YOU, to the three of you, Maud, Françoise and yourself, for your accompaniment,your kindness and understanding.
Cécile and Denis.

Hi Stephen
I just wanted to thank you and your team for the sale of our house.
You were by far the most proactive in the process and remained positive at all times in getting a successful outcome.
All the best for the future
Victoria Tabiner

Dear Megan and Stephen
Now that the dust has settled on our house sale and all of the post -sale formalities are being finalised, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your hard work on our behalf, especially when it all got frantic with regard to the door hinge!! I hope you all have a very successful 2018.
Thanks for everything.
Kind regards
Jonathan and Jill

I found Agence Arguenon to be excellent in their professional skills, courtesy and kindness. My appartement was sold quickly, and with no difficulty.
I would recommend it highly.
Dr Patricia Dryden-Mitchell

When we decided to put our house at Megrit on the market, friends advised us to go with Agence Arguenon, a decision we never regretted. Their service has been very professional, helpful and friendly. On the initial visits to the house they made a thorough assessment of its features, so that their website gave an excellent description of the property. Their website is clearly widely viewed across France and the UK, so that the details of our property were viewed frequently. We were kept well informed of any viewings, of which there were quite a number. When an offer was made on the house they were of great help. We couldn't be in France, so they attended to the range of issues that need to be dealt with, up to the final signing by proxy. In our experience, they thoroughly deserved the strong recommendations we had received.
Mr and Mrs Day, 15/10/18

We have just purchased our dream house in France and this has been made possible with the team from agence arguenon. From the first meeting with Steve and Darren to view the house, to all the legal work with Megan they made the process so smooth and helped with any queries we had. Any doubts about purchasing in France were proved wrong.
We would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of taking the move to France.
Bridget and Mike Fox

I was very happy with the service that was given by everyone who worked at times so hard to get the completion date, Megan was very helpful and I was very pleased with all the extra help from her and I thank her. I have made a friend of Gillian and Christian they went out of their way to help me with my problems and I wish to thank them also and I hope to keep in touch. I will certainly recommend your company to any one that ask me about property management in France.Yours sincerely Melvyn Henry Reynolds. 8/6/18

‘We have been very pleased with all the work you have done during the sale of the property and your attention to detail has been most reassuring throughout. You have even gone that extra mile in translating the building work invoices into French which was above and beyond the call of duty. A big thanks to you personally for that. As I am in the business of house selling in England I appreciate good service and do not envy you the work involved in the French selling process. There is a lot more to buying and selling a house in France and I understand why the fees are higher- you have much more work to do!’
Mrs Greenway and Mrs Hannam – March 2015

I would like to thank you, Anne, Megan and Gillian for all your help throughout the process. I felt you all went out of your way to provide advice, explain things to us and provide us with contact details for relevant people. Because we never before purchased a property abroad and felt completely out of our depths, your input has been invaluable and helped us to feel confident in persisting with the purchase.
Monica and Jonathan.
February 2015.

Now, let me thanks all of you at Agence Arguenon for the sterling work you have effected on the sale of our property. Despite the long drawn out saga (not only on the sale but the length of time it was on the market....that's France for you) you ploughed on and we got there in the end, despite my cynicism (and occasional sarcasm?....surely not).
Having used you on a few sales now I would have no hesitation in recommending you to all others. You are a professional, courteous and hard working agency and it has been a pleasure utilising your services.
Jeremy and Ann M. 02/2015

After our repeated discouragements with another company in our lengthy efforts to sell our property in Dinan, a friend of ours suggested we contact you about it. We did so and are so glad we did so. From the start, all your staff gave us a fantastic response. You provided us with detailed information on the procedures, and continually gave us most helpful updates on the course of the negotiations over the sale. You inspired confidence that things would eventually go according to plans, and this confidence turned out to be fully justified. Every phone call we put through to you was answered promptly, cheerfully and helpfully, so that our morale was never shaken. You went to limitless trouble to enable us to sell without having to travel from the UK repeatedly to keep tabs on matters. Now, just four months after the sale was completed, we look back at our collaboration with your company as one of the happiest events we have experienced in similar negotiations. We should have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation to any future customers who might find that of value. Thank you again for all your attention and care.
Owen and Elizabeth Lloyd. Devon. 01/2015

'Again, we cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service you have all provided during this purchase you are a very fine example to the world of estate agents, truly professional. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy Christmas, as well as a Happy and Healthy New Year
Chris and Clare' december 2014

We would both like to say a very big thank you to you and Ann for all your help with buying the house and for your patience with our endless questions. It was very much appreciated. Also, if you could say thanks to Stephen and Darren, again for their help and patience.
Ann and Dan O, November 2014

I would like to comment that Christine and I have found your agency extremely helpful through the whole process of buying our property in France. Indeed at the 11th hour when difficulties arose from the commune that would have terminated the sale of the property your efforts were totally splendid to resolve the issues to everyones satisfaction; thus allowing the sale to go ahead on the day we had planned and allowing our daughter to visit 2 days later. Also any recommendations made by the staff of the agency to assist us in setting up our property have proved to be most valuable. In summary, Christine and I would have no hesitation in recommending the agency to either buyer or vendor.
Christine and Allan B, November 2014

Darren and Stephen, Beatrice and Rozenn were all wonderful and made the rather daunting task of buying a house in France a pleasure.They were extremely informative and helpful all along the way and my experience could not have been bettered.
The cottage is lovely and already feels like home. Many many thanks and I could and would recommend your agency to anyone.
Janet Madden

Dear Anne,
Many thanks for all your help throughout the fairly long sale process! And thank you for finalising our various services accounts.
We very much appreciate the help and support which you especially and your colleagues have given us throughout the fairly long sale process, (which was no fault of yours).
We would very much recommend your service to anyone wishing to sell, or buy a property in the Dinan area, as we originally bought our house through you.
Our best wishes to you all,
Tony & Pam (Arthur).

Agence Arguenon provides a first class service - friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful.
My questions were always answered quickly so I was confident in the whole process of selling my property.
Mrs Dunne – 30/6/2014

May we take this opportunity say a big thank you to Anne, Gillian and Megan for your invaluable and friendly assistance from start to finish. The knowledgeable and professional guidance we received made the whole process of purchasing in Dinan relatively stress free.
It would have been a very different experience without you all. kind regards.
Madaline and Kelvin G.

Regarding our collaboration for the acquisition of my house, I want to thank the whole team Arguenon Agency for its professionalism and support throughout the stages of my project. Mr. Dugué met my expectations very well matching properties. His negotiation skills were very effective during the offer phase.
I want to thank equally warmly Mrs. Byron, for her listening and availability.
Christophe B.

Dear Leon,
If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be writing this letter today I would not have believed them. My experience of house hunting in France had been one of frustration with agents and their woefully inadequate responses to my enquiries and attempts to find a place. That said I would like to say a big thank you to you Anne and Megan for completely exceeding my expectations.
From my first contact with you Agence Arguenon has been head and shoulders above any other agent I’ve encountered, which by itself does not do you justice given the competition. What really distinguished Agence Arguenon was your understanding of the difficulties of a buyer living outside France, the effort and attention put into understanding our needs, and then providing really quality viewing trips where I was able to see all that I needed of the area and housing stock to make the purchase decision with confidence. However it does not end there because the help I had setting up home and making the safeguards for the buyer built into French real estate contracts work for me, really said somethinggood to me about acting with integrity and after sales service.
So once again thank you, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else in my circumstances. Hope to see you soon in Dinan.
Yours faithfully
Jon and Dawn W.

We are writing to thanks you all for your management of the sale of our house at La Coupaudais. Firstly, we note how well you all seem to work as a team! Obviously, we are aware that what goes on behind the scenes in any workplace is not often as smooth as it might seem on the surface to others. However, that is one of the important tricks of the trade and we wanted to say how well you all present and how you genuinely seem to support one another and communicate and gel as a team. It has taken many months to sell our house, not least because of the current state of the market, but everyone has beensupportive throughout that entire period. Sadly, we are typically English in being unable to speak Frenchwell enough to make much sense and so we leave it to you. We would say, however, that even if one is completelyfluent in your language it is still be important to have a good team to guide people through the process of sellingone’s house. For us this was never more true than in dealing with all of the legal nuances and having you to act asintermediaries between all other parties concerned in the sale process, and in particular the Notaire’s office.You have all been extremely kind and helpful, from start to finish, and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Agence Arguenon to anyone selling a house in France, whatever their nationality! Our process all began with the charming Léon, who was happy to sit and chat even though he was so busy and who, whatever he thought of our house, treated it with respect and was able to see its charm and potential. Many estate agents are only too keen to point out all of the faults, but it is really important to understand that a property means much more than that to those who own it and who have worked and lived in it.
Léon did it so well and he takes a pretty good photograph too. It can be upsetting to see photos on a website which do one’s home no justice. We know that other members of your team ensured lots of visits to the property and we were always able to ask for feedback about such visits and you were easily able to tell us how many visits had been made, by whom, and what their responses were. This is extremely important for anyone selling a property! Although, we were absent, we knew that you would present the house in its best possible light taking care to open it up before a visit etc. and also that you would leave it secure after your visits. Thank you! Rozenn was initially very involved in our sale process and was wonderful and extremely efficient! It was difficult when the first promising negotiations fell through, but you all got back in there and started over with us again which was obviously very important since it is a difficult time for those selling a house when expectations do not come to fruition.This can feel very daunting and demoralising, particularly when it happens in the grey winter months.
For our eventual sale, the amazing Megan took over proceedings when Rozenn took a well-deserved holiday, and she continued to support and guide us through the Hornet's nest, as we say in England!We are really grateful for her all of her hard work and patience, her unfailing support and her ability to put things simply and precisely, and her advice on many aspects when it came to completing documents etc. She did so much to make us feel reassured, and we felt extremely safe in her hands.
Thank you to Anne, for contacting us straight away after the sale was complete to give us that news and for the administrative procedures which she carried out at that time. Another charming member of your team! We have been singing your praises to everyoneand for any of our friends & relatives who may need to sell their properties in France in the future we will mostcertainly be advising them to come directly to Agence Arguenon!
We are still feeling very bereft about “losing” our French home of 20 years. There is so much of us in it! However, we were delighted to find that the buyers were truly excited about taking the house forward into a new chapter of its life and because we also came to view you all at Agence Arguenon as friends, as well as professionals, this has helped us to make the necessary transition. If you have testimonials on your website, please feel to utilise anysnippets from our letter should you wish. We send our grateful thanks to all of you for your involvement in our sale process.With kindest regards and every good wish for the future.
Heather & Derek H.

As regular visitors to the beautiful region of Brittany and in particular the area around Dinan, we made the decision to look for a property in the area to use as a holiday retreat /second home. We had an idea of the type of house we were looking for and made contact with a number of agents in the area to give them ourdetails and ask them to contact us with any properties that matched our requirements. We made two journeys over to the area toview several properties but found none that really matched our idea of that special retreat we were looking for.It was at almost the end of the day of our second visit that we came across Agence Arguenon and while looking intheir window spotted the type of property we were looking for. We went inside and were greeted warmly by staff that wereattentive and spoke English better than our French which was a comfort in one respect but a bit embarrassing on our part. Weimmediately knew we had struck lucky as we were shown details of the property and arrangements were made for us to view the house that afternoon, nothing was too much trouble and we were even transported down to the house for the viewing. Well, the house turned out to be just what we were looking for and we went back to the Agence Arguenon office to discuss the matter andwhat should be our next move. Purchasing a property in the UK can be a daunting task and the prospect of buying overseas evenmore daunting, as much as we were excited at buying this property we were well aware that we were venturing, for us, well intothe unknown. We soon found to our comfort that thanks to Agence Arguenon a lot of that unknown would soon be made easy and clearas they took on the purchase on our behalf and looked after us throughout the process of purchasing the property. We were given assistance with every aspect from recommendations for Mortgage assistance through to House Insurance as well as help with the services suppliers such as the Water and Electricity companies, there was even help with obtaining quotations for repairs fromlocal builders etc. At all time, the communication was constant and we were kept well up-to-date with the progress of the purchaseand informed clearly of requirement by us to provide information on the legal side of the purchase.
Each time we had to travel over to progress documentation etc. Agence Arguenon were always at hand to help us along and support us throughout, especially at the final stage when we had to visit the Notaire’s office to sign the most important documents and take possession of the house. And even after all has been completed and we are now the happy owners of the house, the agencyare still happy to help us with advise and key holding should we need to organise access.

We would like to thank Agence Arguenon for their professional and efficient service in the sale of our property and the purchase of our new house and in particular the services of Leon Byron and Beatrice Viel.
Their help and expertise in dealing with these sales was invaluable. Nothing was too much trouble for either of them and they were only too happy to solve any questions which arose... We are totally satisfied with all the assistance we have been given.
J & P – January 2008

We would like to thank everyone at Agence Arguenon with their excellent service throughout our full house buying process. It is not easy buying a house in France when you live in Guernsey, but we felt confident from start to finish because we had the very best help. From first email to the after sale help, the French/English translation everything was superb. We are now so happy with our new home,especially big thanks to Dawn and Megan, hopefully see you next time we are over!
Katie M and Mathieu B – September 2008

I am pleased to recommend Agence Arguenon, the service offered from start to finish was excellent, with all issues being dealt with on our behalf, including all the dealings with the Notaire and the utility companies.
They were always friendly and professional, and always happy to help with any translation issues.
Mr. & Mrs Fowler

Overall we have been more than happy with the help and assistance provided by Agence Arguenon and would be very willing to recommend them or indeed happy to use them again one day. (You never know!!!)

Mr & Mrs K Castle

We had decided to buy a property in France, however we were very vague as to what we actually wanted. Our initial port of call was to Agence Arguenon to do some research and this proved the best move we could have made.

There was a warm, friendly greeting as we entered the agency where we met Megan.
Her patience and experience guided us to making a great decision to buy a property in Dinan itself. Not only were we guided through the process of purchasing a property in France, but we were offered support and advice on anything we needed to know. We had every confidence in making this purchase because the support was excellent before, during and after the completion of buying our property. A professional and friendly agency whom we would recommend to everyone. We thank Megan and all the team at Agence Arguenon.”
Mike & Vanessa Sauders 12/2004

“ Agence Arguenon provided an excellent service to us when we were looking for a property to buy in Brittany. They found us the right property, but that was only the start of their service, they provided translation assistance, organised insurance, electricity, water and telephone services – including internet, they even helped with getting our children into school. We regard the staff at the Agence as our first French friends and would unreservedly recommend them to anyone looking to buy property in Brittany.”
Marianne and Chris B

“We would like you to know that we have appreciated your timeliness, respect of appointment dates/times, precision, and efficiency. First on our day visit: with viewings were already so focused that we found exactly the location and specification we wanted and selected the property we wished to buy. Thank you for your diligence and knowledge of all aspects of the purchase, negotiation and communication skills, and finally for organising us! We have no hesitation in recommending the services. You provided excellent assistance with the formal, bureaucratic and legal matters and always shown excellent availability via phone and email. We are very happy with the choice we made and look forward to many happy times in our new home.”
Melanie S – Jersey

“ We bought a house through Agence Arguenon and found their service helpful and friendly: nothing was too much trouble for them. Agence Arguenon spent a great deal of time assisting us to find a property which suited our needs. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.”
Jill and Robert C

“ We were introduced to Rozenn and Agence Arguenon in October 2003, and as first time buyers in France, we were immediately impressed with their friendly and professional manner.
Throughout the buying process, the staff was cheerful and welcoming and always willing to help. They provide an excellent and very personal service. Since purchase we have contacted Rozenn for advice and help on several occasionsand she has always been more than willing to oblige. We would not hesitate to recommend Agence Arguenon to anyone.”
Richard and Elaine Fordham. Bedfordshire

“We found all the staff at Agence Arguenon to be extremely helpful and friendly. They made the purchase of our new house in France a simple and stress free experience. Being a family run firm the service is personal as well as professional and we were always made very welcome on our frequent visits to the office. We would definitely use their services again should the need arise.”
Keith and Pauline L.

“We knew we wanted to buy a property in Brittany, we had done our research and chose the area and what our budget guidelines were. We were introduced to Agence Arguenon through an Internet company and therefore were a bit hesitant before the meeting. Leon introduces himself, listened to our list of requirements,and then took us through the French house purchase process. He also suggested that we take a look at certainproperties and gave us time to choose the ones we wanted a closer look at. We bought the first house that weviewed after looking at 16 properties in 2 days with3 different agencies. Rozenn then took us step by step through the legalities and the house was ours.
More importantly it is what both Leon and Rozenn have given to us following completion, from insurance to utility bills, advice on the local community and any tradesman required for that small job and last but not least, peace of mind when we are not there. We would recommend all of the team to anyone wishing to purchase a property in Brittany – there's no-one better.”
Julian and Debbie G.

“As you know, we finally took the plunge and moved to Dinan in December.
We are setting in well in the lovely house you found for us. We certainly appreciated your help and advice during the buying process and the fact that you listened to our requirements without any hard-sell tactics on your part.
We are gradually adjusting to the ‘Dinanais’ customs but it is reassuring to know what we can always call on you to give us a helping hand with any problem, should the need arise. For the moment though we are just enjoying being in this beautiful old town. With many thanks for your continuing support and our warmest wishes A the New Year.
Mary and Keith

“Selling our French property was made so easy by your good selves. You took away all the uncertainties and on the actual day you made the exchange so easy to understand.
Your help in finding a trustworthy and competitive broker also meant that we obtained the best exchange rate. Thank you for your friendly service.”
Paul and Barbara D.

“From the moment we walked through the door and saw the properties within our budget, to the moment we signed on the dotted line at the Notaire’s office, nothing was too much trouble. For instance:

1.Chauffeur driven from property to property.
2.Speedy and efficient answers eg: location of the well and the cost of installing a mains water supply.
3.Arrangements of utility supplies and insurance.
4.Holding our hands throughout the buying process.
All this with good humour, no pressure and in English!
We recommend Agence Arguenon wholeheartedly. Best wishes”
Rob B.

“We found the service provided by the staff exceptional, from the initial house search to the completion, the staff were very knowledgeable, and were always available to answer queries and guide us through the whole process. They made the foreign house buying process straight forward and all the staff have a very good standard of English. Without hesitation we would recommend Agence Arguenon to anyone wishing to buy a property in the area.”
Alistair and Michelle G.

“We are very grateful for the first class service and support you have provided: We are delighted by the service we have received from Agence Arguenon, particularly after the disinterest shown by other agencies with whom we had contact. Staff has been friendly, patient and helpful. No pressure, just honest information and advice about the properties visited. We have been guided through the purchasing process fromstart to finish and beyond. The after care has been equally impressive, with help dealing with local services and contact with tradesmen.We would recommend this agency to any would be property purchaser.”
Harry and Hélène C.

“We bought our holiday home through Agence Arguenon 13 years ago, and throughout the 13 years they have given us the most excellent client care, above and beyond the call of duty. Whatever problem we had either with translating documents and even sorting our Electricity bills, and much much more. We would never even consider buying or selling with any other state Agent. They are very professional, yet veryapproachable. They have also been around a long time and their experience and knowledge of the property market is second to none.We would thoroughly recommend Agence Arguenon.”
Diane and Adrian W.

“We cannot praise Agence Arguenon highly enough. The staff is fantastic, friendly, patient and honest and have a great deal of professional experience. Especially, Megan and Olivier, who gave over and above what one would expect. Emails were answered straight away and phone calls always returned when promised, making the process a stress free and enjoyable experience. This is quite something when buying a house.
Our French is not good so we really appreciated having a service where all the staff spoke excellent English. This was our first time buying in France and every step was explained when needed and support was always there. We really felt looked after and not just when buying but afterwards too. We would definitely use their services again. Thank you and we wish all of you the very best. A bientôt !”
Chris and Nicola Y – October 2007

“We bought our house ten years ago through Agence Arguenon and have been in constant with them since. We have found them on every occasion to be charming, friendly and helpful. Just recently we sold our house in Brittany through Agence Arguenon and were delighted with the service we received.
The house was sold within two months and within our asking price. We unreservedly recommend the Agence as a user-friendly, first rate establishment for those wishing to buy or sell in France.”
John and Dorothy

“We confirm that we have been more than pleased with the services provided by the Agency Arguenon.

We were looking for a house big enough to accommodate the whole family for holidays and exposed exactly what we looking for. We had been already looking for this property for a good three years and could not find what we were looking for. We visited a couple of places in the first place when we first met the agency but the locations or the houses did not meet our expectations. However the agency did not let us down and carried on the researches once when we were back to Jersey. Some visits were organized and the agency kindly sent us one representative to meet us at the harbour for the day and fortunately, we found the property that matched our requirements. The agency has been very helpful and understood perfectly what we were looking for. This is a lovely family home near Dinan (5mn), which we enjoy thoroughly with the rest of the family and we are always more than happy to recommend the agency for their good services.”
I.M.M. B-M & S.W. M, Jersey

“The service we received from Rozenn and the team has been excellent in both buying and selling property. The names of various contacts, and advice has been invaluable and the fact that English is spoken is much trouble.We will definitely use Agence Arguenon in the future.”
Gail & Reg W.

“Agence Arguenon have provided a highly professional and efficient service that is much personalised to meet our needs. They are informative and provide excellent contacts in terms of banking, insurance, builders and all kinds of practical advice. They are friendly, patient and always helpful. They eased us through what is a detailed process, involving lots of paperwork, in a thorough way.”
Andy S. & Theresa M.

“To all potential buyers of property in the Dinan area, this is an unsolicited testimonial as we have been so impressed by the spectacular level of service provided by Agence Arguenon. It can be traumatic buying property and even more so in a foreigncountry coping with problems of language and different rules and regulations.The advantage of buying through Agence Arguenon is that they provide an outstanding personal service to help you through all stages of the transaction.They are willing to drive you around to view a wide range of properties, advise at every stage, accompany you to the Notaire, act as translators,arrange connections to services, find and negotiate with workmen etc.
Moreover this help continues even after you have bought the property. We have never encountered this standard of professional commitment anywhere before. They are a dedicated family business with several bi-lingual staff such as Elisabeth Morin-Labat who has been exceptional in assisting us. We really cannot praise this agency highly enough.”
Anita and Stuart F.

“It was a pleasure to deal with the team at Agence Arguenon when selling my house in Brittany. Explaining everything in English to remove uncertainty, not only did they market the property well and find a buyer quickly, but they also worked closely with me throughout the whole process to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion. As an added (and unexpected!) bonus, they even helped me to tie up all the loose administrative ends with my service contracts after the sale had been completed. In short, I was extremely impressed. Thanks again”Alistair W.

“The whole process of selling our house through Agence Arguenon took about six months, which I gather is pretty quick by current French standards. The Agency staff not only did all that an English estate agent would do, but also provided a lot of general advice and support with all the various administrative aspects of moving.
In our case for example they dealt direct with the farmers who used some of our land, they sorted out closing bills from the various utilities and secured rebates of taxes, insurance premiums etc. All in all, a very good service delivered by friendly bilingual staff.”
Paul & Vivienne L.

“I had heard that it was complicated to buy a property in France but Sarah and the team made it feel as though I was being advised throughout the whole process of buying by a family friends. Thank you.”
Mark P.,

“We were very happy with the service provided by Agence Arguenon.
Although we speak a little French and can manage to speak it with a struggle, it was very nice to deal with the all English-speaking staff at you agency. We approached all the agents in Dinan, and yours had the best selection of properties and it is clear that you understand the likely preferences of English buyers. You very patiently showed us about 20 properties and we had selected a property, you helped us through the French buying system, and the whole proves was made easy and enjoyable for us. On the day we moved our second batch of furniture in, some weeks after we had completed the purchase, I had a big problem with the delivery truck being too large to get to the house and your agency helped by spending an hour on the phone (on Saturday morning) to locate a small van which I hired to get the furniture from the truck to van to house. You did this at a time when your contract with us was completed and we are very grateful.
Overall, we could not have asked for a better service from a house agency, and we would certainly use you again and have already recommended you to friends.”
Nigel and Sue G.